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July 2016

Global Alzheimer’s Platform (GAP) Foundation is promoting innovative and easier-to-use clinical trial participation tools, including the Brain Health Registry

From PRNewswire:  In a first-ever poll conducted online by Harris Poll on behalf of the Global Alzheimer’s Platform (GAP) Foundation, nearly 60% of Americans report they are definitely willing or would consider participating in Alzheimer’s disease clinical trials, but participation rates show that less than 10% are actually doing so. The failure to provide willing Americans more information and easier-to-use tools for participation could be seen as weakening the attack on America’s most feared disease.

At this very moment, 17 Alzheimer’s disease treatments are in Phase 3 clinical trials and on pace to get to market in the next five years, if successful in their trials and approved by the FDA (source). Any successful drug would be the first new therapy on the market in over a decade. To make this five-year aggressive timeline a reality, clinical trial participants are needed now. Recent data collected by the GAP Foundation finds that Americans are ready and willing to help, but lack of participation suggests they do not have the information and tools to do so.

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