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Where your unique voice
and experience empowers
real change.

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We are committed to
advancing brain health
research for all.

When it comes to brain health, tests of memory
and thinking only tell part of the story.

Focus on Change

Because you know each other well, you can give the most accurate information about whether there have been changes in your study partner’s brain health over the past years or months.

This helps tremendously because changes in brain health are a very important indicator of what’s to come, more important than a single snapshot in time provided by a simple test.

Your Own Health Matters

We also want to learn more about your own health, stress, mood, memory, and more.

Strength in Numbers

In the battle to improve brain health, you and your study partner together are stronger than each of you alone.

You can encourage each other to stay connected, remind each other to complete tasks, and work together as a team each step of the way.

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