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July 2019

Mindfulness is a term for numerous simple methods of bringing awareness to activity, whether resting, moving, breathing, or engaging in specific tasks. These practices are part of a quickly growing body of research that show beneficial effects in many areas of both healthy living and disease treatment.

Have you wanted to learn more about mindfulness? Read below as the Brain Health Registry is collaborating with a new study involving these practices!

Brain Health Registry Newsletter – July 2019, UCSF Brain Health Registry

University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), the supporting institution for the Brain Health Registry, has been a pioneer in mindfulness-based research, including offering a series of classes for various applications of mindfulness. In addition, a study published in joint research between the San Francisco Veteran’s Affairs hospital and UCSF found that mindful exercise greatly improved overall awareness and alleviated PTSD symptoms in veterans.

The Brain Health Registry is teaming with Massachusetts General Hospital to recruit willing participants to the “Healthy Mind, Healthy You” study on mindfulness practices. The goal is to learn how mindfulness practices can help reduce stress. We are currently sending invitation emails with more information to eligible participants. Please keep an eye out in your email for an invitation to this study! ​

Brain Health Registry Newsletter – July 2019, UCSF Brain Health Registry

Some studies on mindfulness show potential in managing dementia symptoms. Participating in research involving mindfulness may help scientists deepen our understanding of the benefits of these practices and their relationship to brain disease! It can also benefit you by teaching basic methods of stress reduction and self-awareness. We encourage you to enroll in this study if you receive an invitation!