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The next generation leading brain health research is you.

Keeping family stories alive and staying sharp in daily life are just two great reasons why brain health is so important to you.
Join the registry and help lead the legacy for better brain health for future generations.
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Are you concerned about your memory and thinking ability?

You may be a great candidate to participate in research if you find yourself experiencing the following:
Memory concerns that interfere with daily life.
Struggling to plan, organize, or solve problems.
Unable to manage or complete familiar tasks.

Memories connect us.

Understanding memory loss or concerns around brain health can make a difference for your family and your community.

Join the Brain Health Registry to be a member of a community that is looking to make advancements towards treatments and solutions for memory disorders.

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Because you matter.

This research is conducted by UCSF researchers and will help to develop better tools and greater accessibility for brain health care for all.

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2. Answer A Few Questions

Tell us a little bit about your lifestyle, medical history, and health.

3. Take A Few Online Memory Tests

These tests are like games that test your memory strength.

Joining is easy!

It’s safe, easy, and available online.

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Are you worried about your loved one’s brain health?

If you have concerns about your loved one’s memory, encourage them to take part in this study and let them know you’ll be their Study Partner. A study partner is a person that knows you well and can answer questions about how well you function in your everyday life.

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Study Partners must be 18+