We’re so grateful you’re a part of the Brain Health Registry. Our research is richer and more profound because it includes you.

The Community-Engaged Digital Alzheimer’s Research (CEDAR) sub-study is an online initiative developed to better understand why Alzheimer’s and dementia disproportionally affect Black/African American adults.

How it Works

You will be invited via email to answer questionnaires at varying intervals throughout the project period for up to two years.

We will use the information we collect to make changes to the BHR platform and promotions.

While participating in the CEDAR study, we will pay you for finishing your entire list of BHR-specific study tasks.

We’ve been thinking a lot about the role race and culture play in Alzheimer’s research.

We recognize the Black American community has faced many barriers, especially in the advancement of medical research. We are so thankful you made the decision to join us in the pursuit of finding collaborative solutions to change this and help end Alzheimer’s and other brain diseases.

Your participation and representation makes a difference.

It’s undeniable that without you we will never know why Alzheimer’s and dementia affect Black adults up to 3x more than Non-Hispanic White adults.

Your participation in BHR is leading the way to better understand why Alzheimer’s and dementia disproportionately affect Black adults.

We believe sharing your experience can lead to breakthroughs in our study.